Joshua Dudley Greer


Contemporary Photographers

Joshua Dudley Greer’s American Histories visits places that are tied to some story (all of them violent), for example the one above (quoting from his site): “Bonnie Parker first saw Clyde Barrow as he was attempting to steal her mother’s car in 1930. That same day, Bonnie watched as Clyde robbed a general store and the two drove off together. The duo soon teamed up with Clyde’s brother Buck and a number of other accomplices to form the Barrow Gang. Over the next four years, the gang robbed numerous establishments in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Iowa, including this bank. In 1934, Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed by Louisiana police officers who were tipped off by an accomplice’s father. Without warning or an attempt to make an arrest, four police officers fired approximately 130 rounds into the fugitives’ car, killing both instantly. Bonnie Parker was 23 years old, Clyde Barrow was 25.”