Did the Clinton Campaign Doctor Obama Footage to Make Him ‘Blacker’?


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“Tensions are running high in Democratic circles between the supporters of senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - and nowhere is that more evident than on the internet. Some of the more explosive blog posts making the rounds today concern a charge from a couple of diarists on the Daily Kos that the Clinton campaign deliberately darkened Obama’s skin color in a recent television ad.” (story) As an update, “Daily Kos” (a site that I usually find extremely irritating) now posts a comment from an anonymous reader: “I work in advertising (copywriter, [Big national advertising firm]). […] Nothing in advertising is accidental. It is over-thought and then subjected to second thoughts and second guessing then over-thought and re-looked at again. I’ve been doing this ten years. It is my professional opinion that the film was made darker, and it has obviously been stretched. I will not comment on their reasons, as I can’t offer an informed case for that.”