Portfolio Reviews


On a regular basis, I receive emails with requests to look at someone’s photography and then to provide feedback. I strongly believe that for feedback to be useful it has to be thought about for a while, and it has to be based on viewing more than just a handful of photos - essentially a portfolio review. Over the past couple of months, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about this, and I now want to offer portfolio reviews. Needless to say, I have no idea how much interest there is in something like that, so this is going to be quite interesting. Also with time there might be modifications to the whole process, we’ll see.

So if you are interested have a look at the description first and then send email to the address given there.

Just one more thing, if you are included in the list of participants of the “Critical Mass” for this year, I will not do a portfolio review for you right now since I am one of the reviewers.

PS: Liz Kuball kindly provided a first testimonial of her experience with such a portfolio review here.

PPS: If you’re coming here from A Photo Editor or Whats the Jackanory, please be aware of the fact that I cover “fine art” photography on the blog. If you’re interested in something “commercial” (for example, “How do I land a job at an ad agency?” or “How do I get that assignment for ‘Manly Man Magazine’?”) I am most certainly not your man.