Liyu + Liubo


Contemporary Chinese Photography

For their series “13 Months in the Year of the Dog”, Liyu + Liubo reenact scenes taken from local newspaper stories, such as the one above: “Thirteen-year-old Xiao Qian (a pseudonym), made a copy of the key to her classmate Lin Yu’s (pseudonym) house. Xiao Qian stole money from Lin’s house many times. On April 1, Xiao Qian went into Lin’s apartment again, but could not find any money. Xiao Qian was upset and set fire to the Lin’s master bedroom. Yesterday, the two families reached an agreement, according to which Xiao Qian’s family would pay Lin Yu’s family RMB 30,000 in compensation.” Notes Liyu: “How can one decide whether these stories have truly happened or not, simply relying on written words? Maybe it’s not important, at least they have truly existed in the papers.”