A Note from the Management


Getting a lot of email as become part of me running this blog, and I do appreciate the opportunity to look at and discover new work. I actually do look at each and every link I’m being sent, and if you send me email you’ll get one back. Having said that, I now get a lot of requests to comment on people’s work. Other requests run along the lines of “I saw this photographer on your blog and I can’t remember the name. Can you help me?” or “I’m working on this project about this and that and I’m looking for photographers.” As much as I’d be happy to help out, unfortunately, the day only has so many hours available, and since I am running this blog (which is way more work than most people probably realize) while also having a full-time job in a field that has nothing to do with photography I cannot possibly deal with each and every request. For example, finding photographers on the blog is very easy - there’s a “Search” box, which works really well. So please keep this in mind when sending email.