Gregor Graf


Contemporary European Photography

This through The Sonic Blog: Gregor Graf is a multimedia artist, whose project “Hidden Town” shows two cities, with all signs (traffic signs, ads, etc.) removed. The results are quite interesting.

Interestingly enough, the experience of seeing the images is somewhat comparable with going on a road trip to Vermont (for non-US visitors, Vermont is a rather small and very beautiful US state in the northeast) through upstate New York (non-US visitors might also not know that New York is actually a state that extends all the way up to the Canadian border, with New York City in the very south of the state). Once you enter Vemont (and you’ll know exactly when that is because of the quite impressive change in the quality of the roads), there are no more billboards, so suddenly you get to see the landscape (and towns nestled into that landscape). Going back then is quite depressing, since once you’re back on what then feels like driving on a dirt road you’re also surrounded by dozens and dozens of huge billboards - it might be one of the few places in the US where you can experience a conceptual-art experience while going on vacation!