Walter Niedermayr


Contemporary European Photography

I have wanted to link to Walter Niedermayr (see more of his work here and here) ever since I came across his book “Reservate Des Augenblicks” in a second-hand bookstore, which the owner refused to sell to me (the book, not the store) because it was his own copy (and out of print). I then googled Walter Niedermayr unsuccessfully for a few months because I kept misspelling his name (things got quite frustrating because I used to come across the occasional link where someone else had also made the same mistake…). In any case, apart from vast panoramas of snowy landscapes - often diptychs or larger assemblies of images - he has also worked on architectural interiors (see some examples here), and his newest book is a collaboration with a couple of Japanese architects, which I saw at the most recent AIPAD show (where the gallery refused to sell that book to me, pointing out I could probably order it in Germany).