A Rather Urgent Note from the Management: New Hosting Needed


If you’ve visited this blog regularly, you might have noted that since the beginning of 2007 especially things got slower and, too often, the site has not been available. I have used my current hosting company for years, and I never had any troubles like this, but enough is enough. As much as I dread moving the blog to new hosting (it’ll be a lot of work), there’s no way around it any longer. So if you know hosting that is affordable and reliable please send me email (jmcolberg AT gmail.com). Thank you!

Please note: In order to (hopefully) get a short-term solution to this problem, I’m asking my hosting company to move the site to a different server. I can’t update the blog until they’re done. I’m going to refrain from posting something tomorrow (and there’s usually nothing over the weekend anyway), and then hopefully, by the beginning of next week, things should be more stable.

PS: I’ll be in New York this weekend (incl. Monday)…