Andres Serrano


Contemporary Photographers

The only thing I knew about Andres Serrano wasn’t even his name, it was one of his art works, and I didn’t even know it was a photograph (I thought it had been an actual installation - mixed media, as the art world would probably have called it). His work is quite interesting, albeit of somewhat mixed quality. While I think that some of his works is quite fascinating (for example, his photos of corpses possess a very terrible beauty; also check out this interview about him taking portraits of Ku-Klux Klan), while others are just, well… you know the kind of stuff you’d expect from a toddler who has just entered the phase where he or she is saying “dirty” words to get reactions out of people and for some reason knows how to take photos. The infamous Piss Christ might or might not belong to that category. Find a couple of background articles here and here.