’ The crisis of unspecified specificity’


Contemporary Photographers

About ten years ago, I studied philosophy on the side, and when a friend of mine recommended the book Nietzsche and Philosophy. I started reading it and just couldn’t get rid off the impression that what was in front of me was maybe the most elaborate bullshit I had ever come across. (You might object to me calling it like that, but right now, I’m under the influence of Bullshit and Philosophy, a book that I can only heartily recommend.) Fast forward to here and now. You might remember that a while ago, I wrote something about the use and contents of “statements” in photography. I have to admit that the reaction to that was quite unusual, since it ranged from enthusiastic emails to what comes close to character assassinations on various forums (it has forever escaped me why the internet for some people seems to remove any inhibitions as far as civilized discourse is concerned), with, I have to say, many people only selectively reading the piece. Given this experience I have been a bit reluctant to write about the twin brother of overly pretentious “statements”, but now I don’t have to worry any longer. Over at the excellent BLDBLOG, Geoff Manaugh has just written something about The crisis of unspecified specificity, and there’s really nothing I could add to his discussion.