Things people have complained about


I guess it’s about time I address a couple of complaints that I occasionally find in my inbox. These complaints are not all that frequent, but it’s about time I addressed them. The first complaint is that in the posts and especially in the conversations with photographers I never talk about camera equipment or technique. There’s a very simple reason for that: I find it not all that interesting. What is more, if you want to read about camera equipment, you can visit one of the literally thousands of websites devoted to just that, like, for example, or Luminous Landscape. Those sites have discussion forums and long articles about each and every detail of the latest “improvements” in camera technology. Also, if you are curious about some photographer’s work, you can always email him/her. I think you’ll probably hear back from many photographers.

The second complaint concerns the fact that apart from photography I occasionally link to other stuff where “other stuff” includes politics, literature, general culture and what have you. This is not going to change. Apart from the fact that those other posts comprise only a small fraction of the total, there’s one reason for this blog to exist. This blog exists because I am compiling it for fun. It costs me a lot of time (and some money), and my returns are the occasional feedback (each of which usually makes my day [apart from the complaints about non-photo stuff, that is]) and the fun I have while compiling it. And that’s it. I’m not making any money with this. Yes, I have encountered quite a few surprised looks on people’s faces when I tell them that this is all just for fun (inc., occasionally, my own when I look in the mirror in the morning). So if you don’t want to read about something just skip the entry. It’s really that simple.