Kerri Jamison


Contemporary Photographers

“For off peak, I found myself searching for magic and longing for innocence in the Wisconsin Dells: a place I had always dreamed of visiting—as every child growing up in the Midwest does. My first experience with the Dells, however, was only recently (and somewhat unintentionally) on a return trip from Thanksgiving in Chicago with the in-laws. We needed gas and food and found ourselves halfway from home in this sleepy resort town already closed for the season. The surreal quality of the hyperconstructed landscape devoid of people stuck in my head, and soon I was taking the car to fulfill my unrealized, and now altered, dream. At 30, I was less interested in enjoying the self-proclaimed waterpark capital of the world during the height of its summer season. Instead, I imagined myself as explorer of the weirdness and desolation quietly pervading its winter months.” - Kerri Jamison