Changing Faces


The other day, on my way home, I saw a couple walking towards me. As they were very close, the man separated from his companion and approached me. His whole posture and especially his face changed as he asked me for some change. When I turned him down, he immediately morphed back into his other self and continued his walk, chatting normally with the companion, who had watched the brief exchange of words, saying no word herself.

Later that day, at a bar where we had drinks a friend of mine had her photo taken - one must assume one of those many casual digital snapshots that will only be remembered as that tiny increase in entropy -, and I was able to witness a very similar transformation again: Her face changed so completely to what must be her official portrait face that I was literally quite stunned to discover a different person(a).

If I was to take a portrait of either the man who asked me for change or of my friend what face would I want to take a photo of, what face would I have to take a photo of?