Jemima Stehli


Contemporary European Photography


“In her works over the past few years, Jemima Stehli (b. 1961, London) appears in the work herself, as subject or object, most often as both. In After Helmut NewtonÂ’s ‘Here They ComeÂ’, 1999, [image 1, image 2] Stehli has recreated Helmut NewtonÂ’s iconic image Sie Kommen, with herself as the stiletto-ed, naked Amazon striding towards the camera. NewtonÂ’s original is so accurately and minutely reproduced, StehliÂ’s hair and stance resemble almost exactly that of the original model, that on the surface Stehli is as objectified as NewtonÂ’s original.” For another Newton reshoot click here. More samples from the “Strip” series here, and click here to see her recreation of yet another infamous art piece.