Peter Bialobrzeski


Contemporary German Photography


Peter Bialobrzeski’s most recent project is called “Heimat” (see images here and here). “Heimat” is one of those almost untranslatable German words, because apart from what it literally means (“home”) it contains a vast set of additional connotations. A translation would then be more like a description, something along the lines of “a place or region that somebody calls his/her home and that holds deep emotional ties and historical myths alike” (and this “translation” probably misses something, too).

On the one hand, I see Bialobrzeski’s “Heimat” as one of the many different attempts currently made in Germany, by Germans, to get to a more normal relationship with their own country. On the other hand, the whole concept of “Heimat” is so ultra-conservative, so inflexible, that I am not sure whether a modern Germany needs any kind of “Heimat” revival. In any case, non-Germans will probably be somewhat baffled about the vast “Heimat” landscapes, not to mention the idea that there supposedly is so much behind it.

Bialobrzeski’s earlier projects include Megacities and XXXholy.