A personal note


So far, I have largely refrained from linking to photography that I don’t like - hence the maybe curious absence of some big names on this weblog. The other day, I decided to link to somebody’s work but to also voice some criticism. I had noted earlier, when contributing to photo critique sites, then people are happy as long as you give rave reviews. But once you dare to say something negative there is a problem, and the reactions to that particular post reflected just that.

The main problems, of course, are that first photography is a pretty subjectice business where your own tastes determine whether you like something or not. Now when you say that you don’t like something that doesn’t say anything about the actual quality of that work. But in our happy-happy-joy-joy culture it is discouraged to voice negtaive criticism for a vast variety of reasons, the combination of which I find deeply disturbing. And second, not everything can be great, because in that case everything - just by very simple logic - is just mediocre.

The main problem for this weblog (or for me, if you will) is that I was thinking about adding a little twist to it by more often linking to stuff that I didn’t necessarily like. But given this experience I guess I have to reconsider this, which is quite unfortunate.