‘The Art of Being German’


Contemporary German Photography

“The focus lay on the identity of the individual in relation to his or her nationality and history, but also in the light of prejudices and clich駸. Starting with generalisations such as ‘typically German’ through to the absolute denial of national identity such as ‘Iï½´m not German, Iï½´m me’, more reflective and nuanced tones gradually appeared. After this the individual participants devoted themselves in photographic terms to their chosen aspect of the subject.” - from the description of the show

This is an interesting show and I wish I could see it. Being a German living abroad means being subjected to lots and lots of prejudices and stereotypes. That might sound like a harsh statement but I’ve come to realize - and accept - that that’s just the way people work (me included). Stereotypes can have their amusing component (I had people compliment me on the quality of German tools), and you can use them to great effect: For example, Germans are supposed to be entirely humourless, so I found that you can make the most outrageous and absurd claims, and people still don’t entertain the thought that you’re just kidding.