Katharina Bosse


Contemporary European Photography


Katharina Bosse has done work on the “new burlesque”. The text on the New Burlesque website, written by some critic, has the following to say: “Her portraits of burlesque dancers, as we will see, reveal a form of sublimated desire underlying this systematic - and ironic - attitude of opposition to established norms, in order to better introduce the disturbing specificity of the photographed subject. New Burlesque thus functions as a system of subverting modernist codes.” Now this is exactly what I thought1 (“Gequirlter Quark wird breit, nicht stark” - J.W.v. Goethe2).
1 That’s irony, of course. Just in case…
2 I don’t know whether Goethe actually said that - my old German teacher claimed he did. Regardless of whether he said it or not it’s my favourite Goethe quote anyway.