On a personal note


Sometimes, I am satisfied how this weblog has turned out. At other times, I’m not.

As it turns out, the latter is more common than the former; and I am struggling to disentangle all the different reasons that could be responsible for this. I think a large part of my dissatisfaction has to do with my own personal photography. First of all, I had hoped that as a litle side effect of having this weblog I would get some useful exposure of my own work. As it turns out that has not happened at all.

And not only that. Having looked at many other photographers who do great work I now consider my own photos to be mediocre at best - if not worse. Needless to say, that is a sorry basis for something that I still enjoy doing a lot - provided I can find the motivation to actually do it.

So maybe my dissatisfaction with my weblog is really all about my dissatisfaction with my own work; and looking for good photography is almost like looking for the daily dose of salt for my wounds. In one way or another, I will have to find a solution for this problem - especially since it seems to be getting progressively worse. Right now, I really don’t know what to do.