Larry Fink


Contemporary Photographers


Larry Fink just managed to upset conservative students at Lehigh University. A photo that is part of a satirical exhibit shows “man who could be President Bush’s identical twin [who] smirks for the camera, his left hand touching a woman in a negligee.” (story on ABC News) See the whole set, “loosly configurated [photos of] Dix, Groz, [and] Beckmann drawings and paintings”, here.

Update (12 Feb): PDN Online reports “The work was originally scheduled to run in The New York Times Magazine the Sunday after 9/11, but the terrorist attacks and shifting mood of the country made Fink’s pictures too hot to handle, even in Europe.” (That can be true, I don’t know who Mr Fink talked to. I doubt he’ll find anybody in Europe who will disagree with his assessment of Mr Bush as “a twice entitled frat boy with charisma informed by homily and stubborn gotcha comfort.”) You can find some of the images and Fink’s quite interesting statement (that will make conservatives foam at the mouth) here.