Administrative comment


I keep getting emails (or comments here) where people think I am identical with a photographer whose name is completely different from mine (call that a split personality disorder I seem to be suffering from, eh? some of my split personalities are already dead!), asking me for prints or other information or criticizing “my” work. You’d think it was obvious that - apart from my own photography which is more than clearly marked - this weblog only links to other photographers who, in most cases, I have never spoken to. Apparently, it isn’t. So let me state this very clearly:

If there is an entry in this weblog whose subject title is a name that is not identical with my own name then I am not identical with that other photographer and I am neither willing nor able to act as some sort of agent of any kind for any kind of transaction/communication between any reader of this weblog and that other photographer.

Also, this weblog is not some sort of market place - so if you have prints of some photographer whose page is linked to here don’t use the comments section to try to sell your prints (I’ll delete those comments).