When Photography Goes Horribly Wrong


Contemporary Photographers

For her new album “Bare” Annie Lennox decided to bare it all. I don’t know why she thinks she has to compete with the likes of Cristina Aguilera. But then what do I know about music and the music industry? Maybe female singers who want to reach large audiences have to strip. Anyway, in Mrs Lennox’ case some of that photography she got done went horribly wrong. When I ran across the cover of “Bare” - by chance - I almost couldn’t believe how unflattering and bad the photography is. She looks like an unwrapped mummy. The fan page Eurythmistan has more photos from the session some (but not all) of which are grotesquely bad (especially this one and this one). And this hasn’t anything to do with Mrs Lennox herself. Whoever decided on that makeup must have been on crack.