Tod Seelie


Contemporary Photographers


Tod Seelie is a photographer from Brooklyn. I especially like the Road 02 gallery.

Boy, fotologs are so terribly overrated it’s not even funny any longer! The number of fotoglogs with a decent signal-to-noise ration is abysmally low. There is a good reason why many photographers edit their photography before publishing it. Editing usually means to throw out at least 90%. Ansel Adams once said he was happy when he got around 10 or 12 good photos in one year. I bet if he had had a fotolog there would have been many gems. But would we appreciate his work that much if we knew all the crap? (Not that I like his work so much in the first place but that’s just my personal taste)

Oh, and in a similar, vein: Dear record executives who “re-issue” jazz albums! Please please please keep those rejected “takes” where they belong and do not put them on CD. Please! In almost all cases the rejected takes are bad if not horrible. And stop the fuck putting aborted 10-second takes on CD! Nobody wants to hear that. Not even serious jazz fans.