Taryn Simon - The Innocents


Contemporary Photographers

Taryn Simon’s “The Innocents” is on show at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center until August 2003: “In the summer of 2000, Simon was assigned by the New York Times Magazine to photograph men who were wrongfully convicted, imprisoned, exonerated and subsequently freed from death row. This project inspired her to apply for and be awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in Photography to travel across the United States photographing and interviewing individuals who were unfairly convicted.” More about the show: Mrs Simon’s foreword for her book, a review in Village Voice, a review on alternet.org (originally in LA Weekly).

Update (17 July 2003): The book “The Innocents” is available through Umbrage Books. And there also is a website for The Innocence Project with a lot of background information. The new image and the two links were kindly provided by Andrea Dunlop (Umbrage Books).