Herlinde Koelbl’s “Traces of Power”


Contemporary German Photography

The new edition of Leica World features lots of interesting photographers. Finding their work online has been tough, though. I started looking for Herlinde Koelbl and, in the end, all I could really find was not the work I originally was interested in but instead a project called “Spuren der Macht” (“Traces of Power”). For the project, Herlinde Koelbl took one photo per year of a set of German politicians throughout the years 1991 to 1998. Non-Germans wil probably only be familiar with the faces of Gerhard Schröder, the current Chancellor, and Joschka Fischer, his deputy and Germany’s foreign minister. It’s too bad the photos end in 1998 when Schröder and Fischer came to power. It’s very interesting to see how Gerhard Schröder almost doesn’t change at all whereas Joschka Fischer undergoes some transformations (and not just in weight).