Rafael Dabul


Contemporary Photographers


“These images are my journal. They reflect my everyday life, thoughts, events and moments. Living in the United States at this time is an incredible experience, I believe it is like living in Rome at the peak of the Roman Empire, it holds the world power and technology of our days. I come from a very different country and culture, Brazil, I had a model in my mind of what USA would be like from what I’ve seen on TV and magazines and previous short visits. But the everyday life revealed to me another place and I started to see and notice things I was not expecting. Under the shiny surface there’s homelessness, ignorance, insane people on the streets, hypocrisy, a certain coldness and strong individualism in people in general. Opportunities as well as freedom have attracted an incredible amount of people that seek a decent life quality.”
from Rafael Dabul’s statement on his fascinating photo essay Limit Horizon