The Old and New Europe


Seems like we’re getting to a good definition what the “old” and “new” Europe are suppsoed to be. The “old” Europe, that’s those pesky countries who still think international law holds. The “new” Europe, that’s those countries which are only too willing to follow Bush jr whereever he wants to go - regardless of what the actual populations think (see The Poodle and the Puppies). The only problem with this kind of definition is that the supposed “new” Europe are following the path of what Europeans had been doing for hundreds of years, namely waging wars against each other and other nations, under the most suspicious pretexts. If that’s the definition of a “new” Europe then I think it’s quite good to be part of an “old” Europe.
Some people wrote that Germany has become internationally irrelevant - I think that’s good progress. If we allow ourselves to measure the Germany’s relevance by its willingness to engage in warfare we’re back to some pretty dark ages.