November 2002


Nov 27

Two new very nice web exhibits on ZoneZero: Our Culture Is Our Resistance and Girl Culture. PS: If you watch those two exhibits right after each other or, maybe, in parallel I think you’ll start asking yourself what kind of world we live in. Well, at least I did.
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Nov 23

Hoax Photo Test for the snazzy readers of this weblog.
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Nov 22

I went online to find what aperture the Diana’s three settings correspond to and I even found them. They’re f16, f6.3, and f4.5. The shutter speed is variable, of course, it’s between around 1/30 and 1/200. PS: On another site, it said the apertures are f16, f11, and f8 with a shutter speed of around 1/45. Well, that agrees for the “sunny” setting but for the other ones it disagrees. PPS: I asked the experts on Somebody said he used f16, f6.3, and f4.5. Of course, Dianas are no precision tools anyway so all this has to be taken with a thousand grains of salt. But it’s useful to know. I think what I might do for photography under very low light (planned for an upcoming trip to Durham [UK]) is to use the “sunny” setting and “B” plus that light meter I will have to bring to use my Leica. I know I’m gonna be the freak of the week when I use a light meter for my Diana but hey! If the results come out the way I want them to come out I just don’t care!
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Nov 14

Latest thrift shop find: An Agfa Isoflash Rapid, in its original box with the instruction manula and a box of unused film (expiration date: Nov 1968). It uses a film cassette format which I hadn’t seen before. The cassette have no spools and are a tad smaller than the 35mm cassettes everybody is used to today. Pretty much like in medium format photography you need two cassettes - one contains the unused film and the other one takes up the used film. This page has lots of details on the Rapid format. Apparently it’s some sort of competitor for Kodak’s 126 format which also went into oblivion. The funny thing is that Rapid cassettes contain standard 35mm film - which I found hard to believe until I took some 35mm film and found that it does fit into the camera. So there’s some potential of me using the camera. The negatives’ size is 24mm x 24mm which potentially is pretty cool. The only problem is that I don’t want to open the unused film box I have. That means I’ll either have to be creative - maybe fit the 35mm film into the camera without using a cassette - or I have to buy a second Rapid camera and use the empty cassette of that one. BTW, here is a cool subminiature photography website.
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Nov 7

An interesting interview with Chris Hedges, author of the book War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. After the US elections this week this topic has become ever more pressing.
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