Photobooks are a lot more than merely books filled with photographs. A good photobook is a carefully considered object that will give its viewers a unique experience when encountering and looking at it.

Consequently, there is a lot more to making a photobook than merely filling an InDesign template. Each and every aspect of a photobook has to be considered carefully – its size, the type of binding, the choice of paper, the edit and sequence of the photographs, the layout, the design of the text etc. etc. etc.

Making a quality photobook can thus be a daunting task for photographers. It makes little sense for any photographer to try to solve all the various problems her or himself. Photographers usually aren’t designers, they aren’t bookbinders, and they aren’t editors.

How can a photographer go about tackling a task as complex as making a photobook?


There is no reason why a photographer would have to do everything her/himself. I’m available to work with photographers, helping them address and solve the following problems (and more):

  • What is the overall concept of the book, and what consequences does the concept have for the creation and production?
  • How can the photographs be edited and sequenced for the concept to work?
  • What role might the layout and/or design play?
  • What materials have to be used?
  • etc.

I’m available to work with photographers at any stage of their book production, whether it’s starting from a set of photographs, working on an existing dummy, or finalizing the production of a book. Please send me an email (jmcolberg at to establish what you need and to work out a plan for your book.

Case Study: Jane Fulton Alt’s The Burn